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The Millstätter See

The jewel in Carinthia

The Millstätter See is not only my beloved home, but also the most beautiful lake in Carinthia. Deep blue water, an undeveloped south bank and the mountains that frame the lake like a picture - this makes this piece of earth unique.

It enables lake and mountain touches in one day.

Early in the morning on the Mirnock - our local mountain, enjoy the first rays of sunshine and then refresh your body and mind in the cool water of the lake to relax and enjoy the sunset with a rich dinner.

Speaking of Mirnock: it's a world mountain. It combines cult and monastery lines and thus exudes a very special energy.


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Take time at the foot of the Mirnock World Mountain.

Forest hikes on the slopes of the Mirnock with breathtaking views and particularly beautiful moods early in the morning and at sunset.

Bathing in the lake


Bathing in the lake is particularly pleasant for the muscles, joints and soul after an extensive hike or bike ride.

A total of 12 beach pools invite you to swim in Lake Millstatt in the summer months.

Culture & more

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If nature recovers in the rain, there are alternatives to swimming or hiking. Culture or entertainment are not neglected and you can experience the people who live here and their surroundings and their history.

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